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The Friday Poets: Bill Manhire interviews the greatest New Zealand poet no one has ever heard of

Who the hell is John Gallas when he's at home? And is he ever at home? Bill Manhire talks to the elusive, much-travelled New Zealand poet.

Poem for Anzac Day: ‘My World War I Poem’ by Bill Manhire

New verse by Wellington writer Bill Manhire.

I can feel it when you breathe: SJD, Samuel Flynn Scott and Bill Manhire on Leonard Cohen

Leonard Cohen has died. Sean Donnelly, Samuel Flynn Scott and Bill Manhire reflect on his music and life.

The Friday Poem: ‘Thread’ by Bill Manhire

New verse by Wellington writer Bill Manhire.

The Friday Poem: ‘Last words’ by Bill Manhire

New verse - he wrote it on Wednesday, actually - by Wellington writer Bill Manhire.

Books: The Friday Poem – ‘My Early Life’ by Bill Manhire

'My Early Life' – a poem by Wellington-based poet Bill Manhire.

Books: The Year of Bill Manhire

All week this week we feature a memoir of 2015 by a writer of distinction. Our ninth and penultimate memoirist: Wellington writer Bill Manhire, who published a pamphlet and a greatest prose hits to vast acclaim.

Books: Book of the Week – Sue Orr Reviews Bill Manhire

The author of one of the year's most acclaimed New Zealand novels appraises the fiction of Bill Manhire.

Our body language expert decodes Winston Peters’ interview with Duncan Garner

Winston Peters battled Duncan Garner to the death in a live TV interview this week. Spinoff body language expert Hayden Donnell scoured the footage for hidden secrets.

Sugar shot Monday: How did Bill English cope on the interview rounds after last week’s debacle?

Can the PM recover from last Monday’s ‘wait and see’ shambles, in the face of questions on tax cuts and abortion? Toby Manhire tunes in.

Inside the campaigns: how National took the migrant and rural vote

Jenna Raeburn, a PR consultant who worked on the National campaign, details life on the big blue bus.

Relive the Horror of Monday’s Epic NFL Choke with our Interactive Game!

Joseph Harper was so inspired by the agony of Blair Walsh's choke against the Seahawks on Monday that he spent two days creating an extraordinary game in tribute. My Dad loves …

Hello Caller: My friends want me to join their threesome. How do I tell them I’m not interested?

This week, psychotherapist Ms X advises a single woman who finds herself suddenly "sexual catnip" to her coupled friends.

An incomplete account of the sexism in Jacinda Ardern’s first 24 hours as Labour leader

It's 24 hours since Jacinda Ardern assumed leadership of the Labour Party. Maddie Holden looks back at the waves of sexism that elicited from opposition MPs, media and others.

‘I was the captain of the Titanic and I had to stay with the ship’: Laila Harré on the Internet-Mana debacle and rejoining Labour

Three years after she was so dramatically unveiled as leader of Kim Dotcom's Internet Party, Laila Harré has returned to Labour. In a frank interview, she tells Toby Manhire what went down in 2014, and why she's decided to throw her lot back in with the party she first joined 36 years ago.

Planes, trains and automobiles: inside the playground fight over the way to Auckland airport

Auckland Transport wants a rail line from the CBD to the airport, and so does Council. Then why does a start date seem further away than ever? Simon Wilson examines what’s gone wrong and how to make it right in the dispute over rail to the airport.

Politics: Toby Manhire’s Inaugural Spinoff Political Power Rankings – August 2015

Arbitrarily split into five political players whose power is growing and five going the other way, these rankings will become a monthly event.

Hillary vs Donald, digested: the second US presidential debate in five minutes

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump meet again for the second of three debates in the most bonkers and disturbing campaign in the history of the universe. Watch it here while Toby Manhire boils it down into a sticky raspberry jam.

National surges ahead of Labour in new poll, with NZ First struggling but crucial

Bill English and Steven Joyce's ruthless strategy appears to be thriving, as the drag race nears the finish line. 

Book of the week: the Spinoff live email interview with Adam Dudding

Adam Dudding! Everyone's buying his book, and basically his family memoir has become the smash-hit New Zealand book this Christmas. He talks to Steve Braunias in the Spinoff live email interview.

Six key benefits of extreme sleep deprivation inflicted by a tiny human or tiny humans

Mum Michelle Coursey knows you have to look on the bright side when you're getting no sleep. She shares the benefits she's found from getting a solid two hours a night.

The CIA sizes up New Zealand: ‘Racial Tensions’, ‘Communist Influence’ and more

The American foreign intelligence bureau yesterday posted online for the first time millions of pages of declassified documents. Toby Manhire scrolls through some of the intel published on New Zealand

Race and renting in Auckland

With the mismatch between supply and demand in some of New Zealand's main centres, finding a safe, secure rental is hard for anyone of limited means. But the ugly truth is that it is often that much harder for Pasifika and Māori.

A showdown in Winton

Last night the Clutha Southland National Party selected Hamish Walker, a 32 year old business advisor from Balclutha, as the replacement for disgraced MP Todd Barclay. But if National think that will put to rest the questions swirling around their electorate operations in the Deep South they're dreaming, writes Peter Newport.

Preview review: Sean Paul, Ne-Yo, Craig David and more of the Friday Jams lineup, live in Melbourne

The best era in recent R&B history unites for a concert in downtown Auckland tonight. Duncan Greive reviews the Melbourne version.

Cheque, please: Why millennials are rebelling against unpaid internships

Working for free has long been accepted as a near-unavoidable first step in a career in media, politics or the arts. But when you're working for months on end for little or no reward, when does paying your dues become slave labour? Sasha Borissenko reports.

Pashing, pot, police, and how I learned to love the impassioned rabble at the Democratic Convention

Jessy Edwards travelled to the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, where she spent a day smoking weed with Sanders supporters, walking in a Black Lives Matter march and pissing off a Fox News reporter - and left wondering if she'd been a rubbish New Zealander

Inside the campaigns: how the Greens survived Jacindamania

Novelist Danyl Mclauchlan describes his experiences and processes his thoughts after working on the Greens campaign in election 2017. I had a bit to do with the Green Party campaign this …

An Insider’s Account of the Long, Strange Journey to the Paris Climate Accord

Kathy Cumming attended the Paris Climate talks as part of the New Zealand delegation, and as media ambassador for the Green party. She writes about the mundane and magical creation of history.