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The Bulletin: Summer news stories you might have missed

Good morning and welcome to this one-off edition of The Bulletin.

The Bulletin: The news that will matter in 2021

A wrap of some of the issues that will matter in 2021, and a reflection on coming out of this tough year with hope. 

The story behind the fight to save Ihumātao

The woman who started it all on how they defied the odds and the doubters. 

Former Herald owner, golf club in clash over South Auckland rezoning plans

An exclusive South Auckland-based golf club wants to rezone land that's been designated for houses, but some of its own members aren't happy.

The Bulletin: Wairoa dental service withdraws, and a quiet regional crisis

Why it matters Wairoa lost their dentist service, commercial rent relief won’t be revisited by government, and four year term referendum looking likely.

New report shows the truly dire state of NZ housing

We all knew housing in NZ was a disaster, but this 150-page report quantifies it for us.

Why an answer to Māngere’s empty cycleways may be just around the corner

Getting people cycling in South Auckland is hard, but one community is giving it a real go. So will these latest proposals make a difference?

There is already a tax that targets people seeking capital gain on land. Why not apply it?

And it's not the only existing provision the Inland Revenue could look at enforcing in the face of runaway house prices and wealth inequality.

No more token tack-ons: Building mana into Auckland design

Is the striking new architecture featuring Māori and Pacific art around our city just tokenistic add-ons, or are Māori and Pasifika architects and designers being given the opportunities they deserve?

I finally solved the housing crisis. Ask me how

Experts have made the case for tax and interest rate adjustments to address the housing crisis in recent times. Hayden Donnell makes another, highly technical suggestion.

One weird trick to make enormous profits without paying tax

A house would like to speak to you about capital gains tax.

One simple idea to fix New Zealand’s dysfunctional housing market

Why not give homebuyers a tax cut and make the speculators pay?

The Bulletin: Pepper spray, solitary confinement incidents show prison culture

Shocking incidents show prison culture, exchange of letters over monetary policy more exciting than it sounds, and Auckland locations close over Covid warning.

The Bulletin: 5 million Covid vaccines on the way in major new agreement

5 million Covid vaccines on the way in major new agreement, new tourism minister confirms change in industry focus, and an outstanding outline of the current drug law mess.

The Bulletin: Stories of the modern housing crisis

Stories of the modern housing crisis, commerce commission to study supermarket industry, and Tauranga’s local government civil war deepens.

The craft of the deal: The life of a real estate auctioneer

The country is in the middle of a housing crisis, but real estate agents keep on winning.

The struggle for South Auckland renters to keep a roof over their heads

As South Auckland’s property market heats up, those in poorly managed rentals are often caught between a rock and a hard place – complain and face the consequences or stay quiet and keep a roof over their heads.

Ten dystopian texts to help sell your house

Ray White is using Margaret Atwood quotes to sell houses. Here are some alternatives.

Housing is hot – so why aren’t realtors repaying the wage subsidy?

If real estate companies are so busy then should't they pay back government money?

Welcome to Mouldy-wood, Aotearoa

New analysis confirms what residents have long suspected: Wellington is substantially mouldier and damper than other NZ cities.

The Bulletin: Residents of Lake Ohau vow to rebuild after fire

Residents vow to rebuild after fire destroys dozens of Ohau homes, Christchurch stadium funding signed off, and complaint laid after EasyVote packs include campaign flyer.

What recession? Our unstoppable housing market marches on

It's the worst economic shock in over a century. So why is our housing market hotter than ever?

Spot the difference: Why are South Auckland rents so high?

In Randwick Park, where the median income is $22,600, a three-bedroom house can command nearly $600 a week.

Returning New Zealanders will profoundly change this country. But how?

With tens of thousands of New Zealanders returning to New Zealand at the moment, the effects of such population movement could be profound.

The Bulletin: Now the election campaign really starts

Labour launches campaign while National releases list, frantic final days at parliament wrapped, and new poll shows Shane Jones in trouble in Northland.

Attention landlords and tenants: here’s how the new renting regulations affect you

Parliament has just passed a new law that will leave renters with a sense of relief. But many landlords aren’t too pleased. 

Why William the Conqueror is partly to blame for our housing problems

What does our housing market have to do with the 800-year-old British feudal land system?

What you need to know about the new progressive home ownership scheme

The government has announced its latest set of moves to get people into home ownership.