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The National-Labour coalition on housing should expect a big election backlash

It’s stirred up a hornets' nest of Nimbys, but there are some benefits in challenging the party faithful.

Rare show of cross-party unity paves way for housing density breakthrough

The change will mean up to three homes, each as high as three storeys, can be built on almost all sites without requiring a resource consent.

Two big changes for landlords and tenants

More big changes to the country's housing market

Meet the Pacific social services helping keep the team of five million safe

When the lockdown became more than a health crisis for many South Auckland families, it was their local, Pacific-led social services that stepped up to help.

New builds ‘absolutely not’ a good first home option, says unhappy purchaser

They're seen as a chance to lock in a price before the property market rises even further, but many first-home buyers are being stung by unforeseen costs.

Looks like we’ll be staying home a while longer. Maybe we should do a reno?

Seeing as our borders are staying shut for a while, we might as well sort the place out.

Building timelines blow out amid timber shortage

Builders are speaking out about the timber supply crunch, which threatens to make the housing crisis drag on even longer.

The Side Eye’s Two New Zealands: Locked out

The stark reality of trying to get a foot on the NZ property ladder – a new comic from Toby Morris.

Bernard Hickey: The $1 trillion housing wealth crime of the century

Accidentally on purpose, the generations that owned or bought property from the mid-1980s until the early 2000s were able to profit enormously.

From 1992 to 2021, here’s how much you needed to earn to afford a NZ house

The gap between incomes and house prices has widened. But by how much?

Bernard Hickey: A pyrrhic and partial victory in Wellington

Last night Wellington City Council voted for a spatial plan that will allow some intensification of housing, but the problems run much deeper.

Revealed: Wellington’s mouldiest rental homes

Have you been inside Wellington's worst flat? A City for People pick its winners (losers).

We’ve stopped believing what they say about house prices

House price inflation has already blown through the forecasts put out by the Reserve Bank and Treasury last week.

Frustrated Auckland developers call on council to turn up the consenting tap

Auckland Council is being accused of overheating the housing market with its inefficient consent process.

A beginner’s guide to the financial aspects of buying a house

This week, we look at what it takes to finance your first home. 

A Living Hell: Apartment Disasters exposes the dire state of housing in Aotearoa

Looking to buy a unit or apartment? You might need to think twice or even three times, if this Prime documentary is anything to go by.

New report warns that we’re building over our food basket

The 2021 Our Land report has raised serious warnings about our most productive food-growing land being turned over to housing.

How the housing package leaves renters and beneficiaries behind

Covid-19 proved the government is more than capable of responding to a crisis. When will they do the same for the thousands locked in poverty by skyrocketing rent?

Bernard Hickey on Labour: Great antennae, but still no radar

Despite its popularity, the Labour government remains in MMP-mode with finely tuned antennae for the 2023 election, but no radar or vision that voters can believe in.

Gone By Lunchtime: The housing package and the stuck ship

Podcast | Join Toby Manhire, Annabelle Lee-Mather and Ben Thomas as they discuss Labour’s housing package, National’s caucus at odds over fluoride, travel bubbles, Police Ten 7 and more.

The Bulletin: What effect will big housing policy changes have?

Analysing the effects of the big housing changes, spending on pokies jumps in 2020, and controversial Rocket Lab payload launches from Māhia.

‘It’s a drop in the bucket and it’s a leaky bucket at that’: Housing package underwhelms experts

What do the experts make of the government's latest attempts to address the rampant housing market?

Ardern unveils housing plan, promises to ’tilt the balance’ towards first-time buyers

The long promised fix to the crisis includes an extension of the bright-line test, a series of tweaks to existing programmes and billions to help new home builds.

The Bulletin: Government’s day to confront housing crisis

Government's day to confront housing crisis, travel bubble announcement announcement made, and Corrections minister rebukes department.

Bernard Hickey: A cacophony of magical thinking on housing

Politicians, regulators and most voters believe that the housing crisis can be solved in their lifetimes without too much disruption or pain. They're dreamin'.

What the new tenancy laws mean for Māori

The legislative changes are designed to improve renters' rights, but will they make a difference to the people who have borne the brunt of the housing crisis?

Chairman Mark: The South Auckland supremo aiming to fix the region’s inequality crisis

Meet the man aiming to fix South Auckland's inequality crisis – Vui Mark Gosche.