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Media Quiz: Which CEO did it? Jane Hastings or Mark Weldon

How well do you know your New Zealand media? Take this difficult quiz to find out!

My Life in TV: Master Censor Bill Hastings

Ahead of forthcoming Prime documentary The Naughty Bits, co-creator José Barbosa talks with former Chief Censor Bill Hastings about his career watching video nasties. Strictly speaking former Chief-Censor Bill Hastings isn’t …

Live updates, June 3: All restrictions ‘essentially lifted’ under level one, zero new cases for 12th day

The latest on the Covid-19 crisis and other major news lines in New Zealand and around the world, updated throughout the day.

The NBR owner just sold his mansion to live in a motorhome

Todd Scott hosted Lotto in the 90s. He ended up running NZ's most famous business newspaper. And now things have got really weird.

Covid-19 live updates, May 12: No new cases today; ERC hears of desperate times for tourism

The latest on the Covid-19 crisis in New Zealand and around the world, updated throughout the day.

The great contemporary art road trip

Yes, it’s still summer and still the season of the road trip. We run down some of the best North Island art stopovers, and the mavericks behind them.

The wins and losses in the new Sallies’ State of the Nation report

Every year the Salvation Army releases a report assessing areas like child poverty and housing. Here's how we're doing in 2020.

The chaotic history of the lolly scramble in New Zealand

It’s a Kiwi tradition fraught with outrage, red tape and injury. It’s also really bloody fun. Alex Casey takes a look back at the evolution of the lolly scramble in New Zealand. 

The Friday Poem: Anecdotal happiness by Laura Vincent

A new poem by Wellington writer Laura Vincent.

Please enjoy these savage reviews of New Zealand’s favourite landmarks

Turns out that a lot of people are very mad at a lot of our iconic tourist attractions. 

A New Zealand media health check

In the wake of the shocking revelations about Three, Duncan Greive assesses the health of New Zealand’s six big media companies. This story was first published on 20 October, 2019. Winston Peters …

Why Hawke’s Bay is mad for meatballs: The true story of an unsung Kiwi icon

From Waipukurau to Waipawa, Hastings to Havelock North, how did a humble crumbed meatball reach cult status? Fiona Fraser investigates the origins of this east coast delicacy.

Kris Faafoi, Jason Kerrison and the ministerial Opportunity Shop

One of the most highly rated members of Jacinda Ardern’s Cabinet is under pressure over assurances given to singer Jason Kerrison in relation to an immigration case. How bad could it get, asks Toby Manhire.

The Bulletin: Huge decision looms on port move

Port move decision rapidly approaching, yet more pressure looms for NZ First party, and a big day for consumer banks and their capital holdings.

The harvesters: A photo exhibition showing the hidden side of horticulture

Richard Brimer's photography exhibition Harvest is a little bit Humans of New York. Except it's in Hastings, has zero pretension, and captures the diverse population of seasonal labourers who work the local vineyards and farms.

Telling disabled people’s stories free from the framings of the abled

I want to reflect the complexities of disabled people’s lived experiences and identities – and on our own terms.

Huge changes to be made at Oranga Tamariki following review into child uplift process

A review into Oranga Tamariki has been released after an investigation into their child uplifting practices by Newsroom – here's what it said.

New Zealand media: a health check

Three is for sale and could easily disappear. The forces disrupting it are impacting all our media – we assess the health of New Zealand’s six big media companies.

Live blog: Results of the 2019 local elections

A festival of democracy is playing out around the country today, as voting closes in our local elections and preliminary results trickle out.

Nga mihi mahana: A weekend at the Te Tairāwhiti Arts Festival

Sam Brooks reports on his time at the first weekend of the inaugural Te Tairāwhiti Arts Festival, which coincided with the launch of Tuia 250.

Things I Learned at Art School: Bob Jahnke

In this the fourth instalment of Things I Learned At Art School, Bob Jahnke on Māori identity, education and, on the occasion of the Tuia 250 commemorations, "getting Cooked".

These are the climate angels and deniers standing in our local elections

We read thousands of policy statements to find the climate change deniers, fudgers, prevaricators (and believers) running in our local elections.

If NZ really wants to revive youth sport, there’s one obvious nation to emulate

A squad of New Zealand's big sporting bodies just announced they were 'taking a stand', to 'create a positive experience for all young people playing sport'.

Whose job is it anyway? Inside our inadequate, uncoordinated efforts to up voter turnout

Turnout in our local elections has long been in decline, particularly among the young. Alex Braae looks at what's being done to improve those stats, and find a lack of centralised funding and strategy.

12 eye-watering facts about the new British prime minister, Boris Johnson

Funny, charismatic, erudite – what could possibly go wrong?

Things I Learned at Art School: Edith Amituanai

A New Spinoff Art interview series. New Zealand visual artists on how they do what they do and how they know what they know.

How to have an extremely large weekend in Hawke’s Bay

Hawke's Bay prides itself on good food and wine, pristine art deco buildings and having two Countdown supermarkets right across the road from each other. Alex Casey spent a weekend in the region to see just how much of it she could see. 

The Bulletin: UN Migration Pact wounds still fester

Wounds caused by UN Migration Pact drama still fester, Middlemore sources concerned deadly flu cases contracted in hospital, and rat populations ballooning. 

Bulletin World Weekly: A weather report for the world

Normally, this will be an email exclusively for and supported by Spinoff Members, but just this once it's free for all.