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Media Quiz: Which CEO did it? Jane Hastings or Mark Weldon

How well do you know your New Zealand media? Take this difficult quiz to find out!

My Life in TV: Master Censor Bill Hastings

Ahead of forthcoming Prime documentary The Naughty Bits, co-creator José Barbosa talks with former Chief Censor Bill Hastings about his career watching video nasties. Strictly speaking former Chief-Censor Bill Hastings isn’t …

Undersea thriller Vigil is the next must-watch for Line of Duty fans

It’s like lockdown, but instead of making a stupid little sourdough starter, there’s the threat of nuclear war.  

Allyson Gofton was New Zealand’s first food influencer

As Food in A Minute celebrates its 25th birthday, its former host talks to Tara Ward about the classic ‘90s TV spots that took home cooking to a new dimension. 

‘Nothing changes unless there’s public embarrassment’: the stain of state treatment of children in 2021

On the face of it, Oranga Tamariki’s leadership has come a long way. But why does it take media exposure for those in charge to do the bare minimum?

Bernard Hickey: How hope for a generation was lost

The housing market has bolted and destroyed the dreams for our youngest people. And there’s no real prospect leaders can (or want to) wrangle it back to affordability.

Steve Arnott’s greatest waistcoats in Line of Duty – ranked

Line of Duty is known for its incredible cliffhangers, but we’ve been ignoring something just as incredible: DS Arnott’s waistcoats.

The Māori caucus post-budget roadshow hits Auckland

A handful of Labour's Māori MPs are hitting centres around Aotearoa to talk through the budget and its $1.1 billion in targeted Māori funding.

The Bulletin: How serious are trans-Tasman bubble wobbles?

Assessing the latest trans-Tasman bubble incidents, NZ High Commission in India caught up in domestic politics, and Judith Collins continues to bang the drum on race.

What to do with all those 8c-a-kilo tomatoes you bought

For one crazy, beautiful day this week, you could've bought a bathtub of toms for a handful of coins. But what to do with them?

Ten massive questions facing local government in 2021

Under-funded, under-powered and under pressure: is there any point in local government continuing to exist?

The Garden Party: 10 things to look forward to at Wellington’s new festival

A selection of highlights from the upcoming Garden Party Festival, presented by Verb Wellington and The Spinoff. 

After CEO exit, the big question for Oranga Tamariki: reform it or scrap it and start again?

The chief executive of Oranga Tamariki is quitting, leaving behind an agency she's admitted suffers from structural racism.

The man with a mandate to change the way Kiwibank thinks about Māori

A distinctly colonial institution, banking has long ignored te ao Māori. Teaho Pihama believes investment in tikanga Māori at Kiwibank can have significant, positive outcomes for Māori.

Please enjoy these savage reviews of New Zealand’s favourite landmarks

Turns out that a lot of people are very mad at a lot of our iconic tourist attractions. 

The tale of Ian Swney: The spray-can-wielding wage subsidy avenger

He's a semi-retired kindergarten teacher with a vendetta against big business and a pending charge for wilful damage.

The NBR owner just sold his mansion to live in a motorhome

Todd Scott hosted Lotto in the 90s. He ended up running NZ's most famous business newspaper. And now things have got really weird.

Review: Netflix’s Bridgerton brings us Shonda Rhimes greatness when we need it most

What do you get when you mix Downton Abbey with Gossip Girl? A bloody good time, that’s what.

‘You notice what makes New Zealand special’: Coming home in 2020

Simon Day spoke to Charlotte Ward, chief people officer at Kiwibank, about what it was like to return to New Zealand in 2020.

The Bulletin: Wairoa dental service withdraws, and a quiet regional crisis

Why it matters Wairoa lost their dentist service, commercial rent relief won’t be revisited by government, and four year term referendum looking likely.

The Bulletin: New wave of bank closures hitting the regions

New wave of bank closures hitting the regions, Australia rocked by war crimes report, and ten years since Pike River marked.

The tale of Ian Swney: The spray-can-wielding wage subsidy avenger

He's a semi-retired kindergarten teacher with a vendetta against big business and a pending charge for wilful damage.

NZ election night 2020, live updates: All the results, reactions, and analysis

All the news from Election 2020 as the results roll in.

Who’s in, who’s out? Seats to watch in tonight’s election

Within the wider MMP contest for the party votes, results in individual seats could be telling.

Deepest cut: The barber helping men face up to themselves

Barber Peleti Oli-Alainu'uese is using his story of overcoming a background of sexual and physical abuse to inspire others to tackle their own issues.

The popcorn seats: 21 electorates we’ll be glued to on Saturday night

The marginals, the bellwethers and the other places we'll be gawking at come the close of polling in election 2020. By Alex Braae and Toby Manhire.

Election Live, September 8: Six new cases of Covid-19, four linked to church cluster

The latest on election 2020 and other New Zealand news, updated throughout the day.

Amanda Palmer isn’t going anywhere

The singer opens up about life in New Zealand, crowdfunding, and the moment her husband left her in the middle of a pandemic.