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Watch: Metiria Turei opens up on a life in politics, art and activism in Two Sketches

The former Greens co-leader opens up on watching politics after leaving parliament, that controversial speech, and her life in art.

Were journalists ‘just doing their job’ in the political resignation of Metiria Turei?

Massey University's Sean Phelan and Leon Salter look at the role media played in of one the biggest controversies of the last election.

Metiria Turei: Beyond politics

In one of her first interviews since she stood down from politics, Metiria Turei talks to Waveney Russ about her new life as an artist studying at the Dunedin School of Art.  

Dr Lance O’Sullivan on what’s been lost in the Metiria Turei controversy

The election has thus far been dominated by Metiria Turei's admission of historic benefit fraud, and its impact on both Labour and the Greens. But Dr Lance O'Sullivan argues that the conversation about welfare Turei wanted to start never really happened. 

What our politics has lost with Metiria Turei’s resignation

Just over three weeks after making an emotional admission at the Greens conference, Metiria Turei has resigned as her party's co-leader. Young Greens co-convener Meg Williams pays tribute.

Yup, Metiria Turei broke the law. But this is a hell of a heavy price

The Green co-leader today ruled herself out of a future cabinet role after admissions about lying to Winz and in her voter registration details. But how bad, really, was the breach of electoral law, asks Andrew Geddis

Politics podcast: Metiria Turei’s Winz confession, Labour’s alt-budget and the Māori seats

Our answer to the 'Black Hands' podcast is 'Rainbow Hands', in which the Gone By Lunchtime scoff so many M&Ms that their fingers get covered in artificial colouring. Also they discuss politics.

Growing up on the DPB: on Metiria Turei, fraud and fear

Following the Green co-leader’s admission about misleading Winz, Nicola Gaston recalls her own upbringing on a benefit, and confesses to a fraud of her own.

Metiria Turei on the Greens’ Budget for All Mothers

Yesterday the Green Party announced a major policy platform aimed at parents and children in New Zealand. In her own words, Green Party co-leader Metiria Turei explains the Budget for All Mothers.

Greens ready to govern with Winston Peters despite his ‘racist views’ – Metiria Turei

The Greens now have a warmer relationship with the NZ First leader, and are ready to work together whatever their disagreements, says co-leader Metiria Turei. She also reveals how close she came to quitting, and what Greens in government would do if Donald Trump were to visit.

Politics podcast: Greens post-Metiria, return of the bootcamp and war with Australia

As the breakneck pre-election pace continues, the Gone By Lunchtime committee convenes to discuss the big issues such as cabbages. With Ben Thomas marooned in Wellington, Duncan Greive pod-hops to join GBLT's Toby Manhire and Annabelle Lee, but we do take a moment to call and sing him a song.

Greens icon Nándor Tánczos on Metiria and what the party really stands for

In the wake of Metiria Turei's resignation as Greens co-leader there has been much discussion about a perceived tension between the emphasis on social justice or environmental issues. Don Rowe tracked down Greens icon Nándor Tánczos to get his thoughts.

Metiria resigns and New Zealand TV explodes

Following Metiria Turei's resignation as leader of the Greens, The Spinoff TV writers report back on how our news outlets and commentators reacted to the political bombshell/earthquake/catastrophe.

Labour surges, Greens slump, and media scrap over Turei’s scalp

Pollwatch: Under Jacinda Ardern, Labour has powered back to the future in the new Newshub poll, as an embattled Green party slides. But are National impermeable? And should we be talking about a disaster for NZ First, too? Toby Manhire weighs it all up

The sins of Metiria, Bill and John: sense-checking the fact checkers

The transgressions of Metiria Turei are similar to the transgressions of Bill English and John Key. Or are they? The Herald has fact checked, and Simon Wilson assesses those findings.

Turei was left with little choice, after Labour said let’s not do this

The Green co-leader's confessions were snowballing, her position becoming untenable. But ultimately the decision seems to have come down to Jacinda Ardern.

Poll rewards Turei’s welfare bombshell – but Labour plunges deeper into the abyss

Pollwatch: Andrew Little admits he’s thought about standing down, after the latest from One News and Colmar Brunton shows a leap in support for the Greens. And how about that undecided number ...

Chlöe Swarbrick on the baying for Metiria’s blood and escaping echo chambers

For the last fortnight the Green Party has found itself in the unfamiliar position of dominating campaign headlines. Chlöe Swarbrick takes a (brief) pause for breath to reflect on it all in her third candidate diary for the Spinoff.

The Bulletin: Does school food initiative go far enough?

School food programme welcomed with questions about scale, vital tourist infrastructure under pressure, and Transmission Gully won't be tolled.

The Bulletin: Storming economic figures defy gloom

Storming economic figures defy gloomy predictions, govt considering volunteer rural cops, and Auckland to spread around Drury and Pukekohe.

Elites always protect their own: inside the Kōhanga Reo saga

Morgan Godfery looks back at the extraordinary power plays of the 2014 Kōhanga Reo National Trust Board scandal.

The strangely aimless late career of John Campbell

The arrival of one of New Zealand’s most beloved broadcasters on breakfast TV is very perplexing

We do not shed our skin: why all politics are identity politics

In this edited version of her speech at the Hamilton Press Club, Ghahraman recounts her personal journey to the NZ parliament, and why identity is at the heart of democracy

The best of The Spinoff this week

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Marama Davidson: ‘Governments shouldn’t pander to the privileged’

Self-confessed fan Morgan Godfery talks Māori politics with Green Party co-leader, Marama Davidson.

The Bulletin: Prohibition returns with synthetics crackdown

Health minister plans crackdown on synthetic drugs, new research and development tax credits announced, and Taxpayers Union rumbled for using fake names. 

Why are the woke set not battling to de-platform Winston Peters?

There has been a growing effort in NZ to silence those who feed racial division. So where's the clamour from the Greens and the rest on the deputy PM?

‘We didn’t pay enough attention to the brand’: David Seymour on Election 2017

ACT struggled thanks to the two-horse race, the approach taken by some media, and the behaviour of our coalition partner. But we are ultimately the author of our own result

When the wheels came off: James Shaw on Election 2017

The Green co-leader on fearing he might be the party’s last leader, why Jacinda Ardern was a boost to their electability, and the nine-dimensional chess of coalition negotiations