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How to monitor the bushfires raging across Australia

How Australians affected, and concerned family and friends living overseas, can keep up with the latest developments on the fires ravaging the country.

My son’s diabetes monitor isn’t a biohacking gimmick – it’s a lifesaver

Why did a US writer's story about wearing a diabetes monitor despite not being diabetic raise Emily Writes' hackles? The same device could mean life or death for her son, and it costs her thousands of dollars a year.

The new mobile app for monitoring water usage on farms

Simon talks to Mike Jenkins about bringing cloud technology to businesses worldwide.

Monitor: Aaron Yap’s top 10 international TV shows of 2016

In his final Monitor column for the year, critic Aaron Yap lists his 10 favourite shows from 2016.

Monitor: What possessed TV to tackle the Citizen Kane of horror movies?

With television reboots of classic movie franchises needing a strong dose of holy water. Aaron Yap explains why The Exorcist TV show is neither a hit nor a flop.

Monitor: The Flash is everything you wanted in a comic book superhero show

With dozens of new television shows being aired every month, it's hard to keep up. Aaron Yap finally got around to seeing The Flash and found it to be everything he'd ever dreamed of.

Monitor: Why it’s a crime to watch The Night Of without Criminal Justice

For Monitor this week, Aaron Yap watches BBC series Criminal Justice, the lesser-known original version of HBO sensation The Night Of, and compares the two gripping murder mysteries.

Monitor: There’s a good show hiding on the man channel

For Monitor this week, Aaron Yap basks in the grinning goofiness of DUKE's Angie Tribeca, the best cop show spoof you probably aren't watching.

Monitor: A list of TV to movie adaptations that don’t absolutely suck

Aaron Yap rounds up some TV shows that managed to make it to the big screen without stuffing it up.

Monitor: Why Scandi-noir fans should be moths to The Kettering Incident flame

Aaron Yap reviews The Kettering Incident, the Tasmanian Gothic drama that has just as much mystery as it does moths.

Monitor: Is Snapchat becoming the new television?

In this week's TV column, Aaron Yap looks at how social media platform Snapchat threatens to usurp traditional viewing habits.

Monitor: The end of mainstream television’s Asian evasion and why it’s kind of a big deal

After years of watching white-washed television shows, Aaron Yap finally got to see his own culture represented on the small screen, and he loved it.

Monitor: Out with the old and in with the… old? The great reboot epidemic of 2016

A brand new influx of second-hand television shows has led Aaron Yap to question whether we are suffering a reboot epidemic.

Monitor: Escape series Underground shatters the museum glass on slavery

For Monitor this week, Aaron Yap tackles Underground, a escape drama that seeks to combine modern times with history.

Monitor: The viral premise of Containment fails to catch on

The limited run series Containment promises a healthy dose of viruses with a side of emotional trauma. After one episode, Aaron Yap was left feeling less than satisfied.

Monitor: How Hannibal gnawed away at the bones of traditional television

"At some point, Hannibal morphed into television’s most beautiful and downright terrifying creature" - this week Aaron Yap examines Bryan Fuller's gruesome TV masterpiece.

Monitor: Why The Americans is the best show on TV right now

Aaron Yap celebrates the superb Cold War spy drama The Americans, which returns next week to New Zealand screens.

Monitor: The Returned finds haunting beauty in the undead

Aaron Yap watches Fabrice Gobert's The Returned, a moody French supernatural series where the dead come to life in a quiet alpine town.

Monitor: How Louis C.K. pulled a Beyoncé with surprise new series Horace and Pete

Aaron Yap watches Louis C.K.'s new online series Horace and Pete, and asks if the off-putting, experimental style is what lies beyond the "peak TV" age.

Television: Monitor – Aaron Yap Picks the 10 Best TV Shows of 2015

Superheroes and socio-political champions, cold-blooded killers and murderous polar bears - the year's best television had something for everyone, says Aaron Yap.

Monitor: Resurrection Man – Bruce Campbell is Back in Ash vs Evil Dead

Almost 35 years after the Evil Dead franchise made its cult classic debut, has the goopy lo-fi survived the move to the small-screen?

Television: Monitor – Graduating From Breaking Bad to Brooding Ballet Could Be Harder Than it Looks

Aaron Yap reviews Flesh and Bone, the brooding new ballet drama created by Breaking Bad writer Moira Walley-Beckett.

Monitor: “This Thing’s Only Getting Bigger” – Why Fargo is Still Far From the Woodchipper

Aaron Yap applauds the sophomore effort of the television series Fargo, and explains how the second season has created an even richer and more nuanced world than the first.

Television: Monitor – Could Homeland Be Gearing Up For Another Home Run?

For Monitor this week, Aaron Yap looks at how Homeland has embraced explosive twists and stories pulled-from-headlines to breathe new life into the political thriller.

Television: Monitor – How Mr. Robot is the Small Screen Superhero We Need Right Now

"It’s a story about the underdog rising up to the untouchable one percenters. In effect, it’s the true 21st century superhero saga that we need more than anything from the Marvel stable."

Television: Monitor – David Simon Tackles a Housing Crisis with HBO’s Show Me a Hero

Aaron Yap looks at Show Me a Hero, the six part miniseries from the minds behind The Wire that examines the 1987 housing crisis in New York – and eerily mirrors our own current property strife.

Monitor: The World is in Love With Auteur Television. So Why Isn’t New Zealand Making Any?

"It’s not just that TV is more cinematic these days, with production values to match any blockbuster. It’s that those working in cinema are now attracted to the creative possibilities afforded by TV."

Monitor: Do Humans Dream of Electric Slaves? Society Goes to the Synths in TV3’s Humans

"We’re fascinated by its potential to better humankind, but lurking within that fascination is a deep-seated fear that we could all possibly be replaced by machines." – Aaron Yap on the sci-fi drama Humans

Monitor: Conjuring Television Magic – How Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell Casts a Surprising Spell

Aaron Yap finds an "imaginative supernatural delight" in Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell, the BBC One mini-series packed with magic, mystery and memorable characters.