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Pokémon Go: why now is the best time to load up your poké balls

Pokémon Go just got a massive update and Joseph Harper reckons it's saved the game

Summer reissue: That time we said Pokémon GO was crap

Right when the Pokémon Go orgy was at its height, Joseph Harper filed this review. It was to become one of our most controversial gaming posts ever as Joseph found …

A veteran location gamer assesses Pokémon GO

Candy Elsmore is a seasoned veteran of Ingress, the Niantic-developed predecessor to Pokémon Go. Here she compares the two, and puts Pokémon Go in its rightful place.

Conspiracy: Rawdon Christie thinks aliens are using Pokémon GO to destroy civilisation

Calum Henderson unearths a conspiracy theory on Breakfast that probably requires urgent global attention.

Podcast: Business Is Boring #11 – Danushka Abeysuriya of Rush Digital on VR and trumping Pokémon GO.

Simon Pound talks to Danushka Abesuriya of Rush Digital about how to create amazing things with VR and augmented reality.

In defence of Pokémon GO

Is Pokémon GO as stupid as some online reckon it is? James Roque mounts a defence

The Spinoff’s Pokémon GO heretic walks back into the light

Can a man change? Joseph Harper returns to Pokémon GO and finds it's not all bad.

This Week I Played: Pokémon GO (and it was not good)

Dyed-in-the-wool Pocket Monster fan Joseph Harper joined the burgeoning Pokémon GO craze this week and found it overwhelmingly pointless and bad.

The original 151 Pokémon ranked from worst to best

Sam Brooks digs into his childhood to present his magnum opus: a ranking of all 151 OG Pokémon.

Before Instagram, there was Pokémon Snap

Twenty years ago – before Instagram – a game about documenting your every move was released. That game was Pokemon Snap.

Why can’t we make a good game about people in robots any more?

Left Alive has been released this past week to harsh reviews and studio backpedalling - yet another failure in the rare people-in-robots genre of game.

The definitive ranking of every Pokémon starter

This morning, Nintendo announced the eighth generation of Pokémon: Sword and Shield, and along with it came three starters. Sam Brooks ranks these starters - and all of the rest …

A wild Pokemon appears – 20 years later, unused

What happens to the unused Pokemon who never make it to a game? They get leaked 20 years later and ruthlessly insulted.

Huge: there’s a Stranger Things mobile game, and it’s both free and good

Don Rowe dips his toes back in the murky waters of the Upside Down with the Stranger Things mobile game. 

My life lived through Pokémon: a memoir

Sam Brooks looks back on a life filled to the gym with Pokémon.

Pokémon: Magikarp Jump – discover beauty and wisdom with the dumbest Pokémon

Uther Dean takes a moment and learns a valuable lesson from the stupidest Pokémon

Leave your family for Fire Emblem Heroes: it’s that good

Adam Goodall says he may have just found the best mobile game of 2017. He digs into the family photo album to help explain why.

Adios to 2016: the good, bad and the sublime in gaming

2016: the year that was in gaming is reviewed into a nice wee gift list for Xmas

Planet Pokémon: Gamefreak reaches for the stars with Pokémon Sun and Moon

Not content to close out 2016 relaxing in their billowing piles of Pokémon Go cash, Gamefreak have just released two new Nintendo handheld rpgs, Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon. Joseph Harper took them for a spin.

This week I played: that other Pokémon game, Pokken Tournament

Joseph Harper plays Pokken Tournament, the definitive Pokémon title for gamers who prefer dog fights to collecting stamps.

Help! Pokémon invaded my house and now I’m under siege

What do you do when Pokémon GO turns your house into an open bar for pocket monster hunters?

Important: Which new starter Pokémon is the cutest?

Joseph Harper reviews the three new starter Pokémon characters, using sound scientific methods to determine which one is the cutest.

This Week I Played: Pokémon Blue

Pokémon Blue is back and Joseph Harper loves it like the flower loves the sun

Still trying to catch ’em all – my life as a Pokémon obsessive

February 27 marks the 20th anniversary of the first Pokémon games ever to be released. Mega-fan Ethan Sills looks back at how a collection of outlandish Japanese creatures became a worldwide phenomenon.

Plant zombies, Frozen fanfiction and Harry Potter: The most anticipated games of 2019

Another year, another twelve months full of video games that seem to exist only to drain your bank account - but which of these should you be hanging out for? Sam Brooks rounds up the most anticipated games of 2019.

The gaming gift guide for non-gamers this Christmas

You have to buy a gift for someone, and the one thing you know they're into is video games. But what the hell are you meant to buy them without looking like a fool?

Bingeing, brawling and drunken sex: Is this responsible alcohol promotion?

Licensing trusts say they exist to sell alcohol responsibly. So why did a West Auckland trust ask people to recount their 'craziest' moments with hard liquor?

Sick of Candy Crush and Hearthstone? Some better games for your commute

If you're tired of crushing candies and playing meaningless virtual card games, we've something else to distract you from the mindless grind that is your commute.

Is the Outer Link bus Auckland’s ultimate co-working space?

Desperate to escape the high-summer hell of the Spinoff's non-air conditioned office, Toby Morris spends four hours trying to get some work done onboard the blissfully chilly Outer Link bus.