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Watch: Repressed Memories #2 – Were the mid 2000s the golden age of Sticky TV?

Please enjoy the second episode of our new online series Repressed Memories, wherein James Mustapic revisits weird New Zealand shows from his childhood

Watch: Repressed Memories #4 – The Ferndale Strangler still slays

Please enjoy the final episode (for now) of our online series Repressed Memories, wherein James Mustapic revisits the iconic Ferndale Strangler storyline from 2007 era Shortland Street.

Watch: Repressed Memories #3 – Was Michael Murphy robbed of the New Zealand Idol crown?

Please enjoy the second episode of our new online series Repressed Memories, wherein James Mustapic revisits weird local shows from his childhood.

What’s a nice girl like you doing in a place like this: Katherine Mansfield on the Napier-Taupo road

An essay by Peter Wells on a new "sacred text" by her holiness Katherine Mansfield - 20 pages of jottings from a summer holiday on the Napier-Taupo road when she was 19.

The 10 best videos from The Spinoff this year

Clicks and content, content and clicks: these are the videos that attracted the most eyeballs on friendly fledgling website ‘the Spinoff’ this year.

Essay: Calling a Spade a Spade – Charlotte Grimshaw on the Literary Phenomenon of Karl Ove Knausgaard

An essay by Charlotte Grimshaw on the literary sensation of the My Struggle novels by Karl Ove Knausgaard.

Endless Summer: Brian Wilson vs Mike Love in the battle for the Beach Boys’ soul

It's summer, so here are the Beach Boys, squabbling and telling-all in two new memoirs.

Watch the first episode of our new online series Repressed Memories… SENSING MURDER EDITION

James Mustapic introduces his new online series Repressed Memories, and explains why he decided to revisit Sensing Murder for the first harrowing episode.

Camaraderie in the dark: On watching gay movies at the film festival

Each year the New Zealand International Film Festival brings gay-themed movies to an audience. David Herkt explores this history, what it means, and one of this year’s featured movies.

Television: Group Think – The Scariest Television Shows From Our Childhood

"It was, and will hopefully always remain, the closest a TV show has ever come to making me wet my pants."

Thingee finally speaks: The inside story of the eye-pop that shocked a nation

Hayden Donnell talks to Thingee about the on-screen medical nightmare that changed his life forever.

I’m sorry I white-washed your world: A letter to my Māori daughter

Nichole Brown writes to her precious tamāhine about their taonga tuku iho and the journey she has made back to her tūpuna.

Book of the Week: Margo White reviews Decca Aitkenhead’s tragic memoir

Margo White reviews the powerful memoir by Guardian journalist Decca Aitkenhead about the death of her partner who drowned in front of her on a family holiday.

The best of The Spinoff this week

Compiling the best reading from your friendly local website.

The best of The Spinoff this week

Bringing you the best weekly reading from your friendly local website.

Huge and true: The Spinoff TV is coming to Three on June 22

Two years ago, we declared ‘Good news: TV is dead’. It turns out we were perhaps premature in that assessment.

Will New Zealand stand silent while Trump’s America tortures children?

When the US state throws children into cages, we are firmly at the point in history where future generations might ask, ‘what would I have done?’

The Bulletin: Five Eyes glare at encryption

Spy agencies want ways around encrypted devices, rift opens in government over refugee quota, and Bridges rules out supporting compulsory te reo.

The Bulletin: Where to now for striking nurses?

Nurses strike ends, 1080 dumped in a National Park, and former National MP brought in to justice reform group. 

In search of fake news: the diary of Charlotte Grimshaw

Charlotte Grimshaw writes about the forces behind her new novel: "Trump, Putin, Kim Jong-un. The posturing. The bizarre hairstyles, the violence and cruelty. The narcissism..."

Repressed Memories: The boys of early-2000s New Zealand pop music

In Repressed Memories, James Mustapic delves into NZ pop culture's graveyard and digs up some bodies. This episode: remembering Dane Rumble, Fast Crew, J. Williams, Evermore and Scribe.

Repressed Memories: The best and worst New Zealand TV ads

From the Big Save lady, to ASB's Goldstein, to a very young Taika Waititi selling sweets – these are the TV ads that made James Mustapic the man he is today.

Repressed Memories: Air New Zealand safety videos

James Mustapic is back to rank Air New Zealand's safety videos from worst to best.

Repressed Memories: Was 2009 Shortland Street’s greatest year ever?

Shocking deaths, forbidden love, multiple Harry Warners and TK in a fedora – revisiting the glory of Shortland Street in 2009.

Repressed Memories: remembering What Now in the 2000s

It's been going since 1981– but what was New Zealand's favourite kids' show like in the first decade of this century?

Repressed Memories: Sensing Murder, the show that refuses to die

The 'psychics make up stuff' TV show is back on New Zealand screens, and it's just as terrible as ever.

Repressed Memories: Christmas in the Park

The annual free concert featuring the top local pop stars of the day is one of New Zealand's most enduring Christmas traditions. James Mustapic looks back at its most memorable moments.

It’s time to start decolonising our media

Every year the media turns a problematic spotlight on indigenous peoples in Australia and New Zealand for Invasion Day and Waitangi Day. This won't change while our media is still controlled by the coloniser, writes Miriama Aoake.