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The Client List: The Final Week – Excavating Meaning From the Void and Having a Party of None

It is the final week of James Milne's noble quest to watch Jennifer Love Hewitt's cancelled series The Client List in its entirety. He reflects upon what the show has taught him about life in small town America, and life in general.

The Client List: Week Four – A Brief History of Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Pop Career

After a musical number appears on The Client List, James Milne takes an important tangent. "I think it is important to address something which I haven’t yet tackled – Jennifer Love Hewitt’s music career."

The Client List: James Milne’s Date With Jennifer Love-Hewitt – Week Three

In the third of a five-part series – here are parts one and two – James Milne signs up to watch Jennifer Love Hewitt’s cancelled borderline softcore porn series The …

Checking off Jennifer Love-Hewitt’s ‘The Client List’: Week Two

In the second of a five-part series – here's part one – James Milne signs up to watch Jennifer Love Hewitt’s cancelled borderline softcore porn series The Client List in …

Checking off Jennifer Love-Hewitt’s ‘The Client List’: Week One

In the first of a five-part series, James Milne signs up to watch Jennifer Love Hewitt's cancelled borderline softcore porn series The Client List in its entirety. // During her pregnancy, …

Mmm whatcha say: A definitive list of all the silly things that happened on The OC

California, here we come! Sam Brooks looks back at the wildest moments from the mid-aughts teen drama.

The Panama Papers: The story of how journalists discovered ‘underground rivers of money’

The Panama Papers exposed a world in which the uber-rich and powerful were able to hide unimaginable wealth. The reporters who broke the story describe how they did it.

A short list of people who’d be fined under National’s school leaver policy

Simon Bridges is considering a policy that would fine high school dropouts who don't go into further education or training. Here's a few successful New Zealanders who would have been asked to cough up.

A definitive list of all the terrible things that happened on Desperate Housewives

Before Big Little Lies, there was Desperate Housewives. Sam Brooks lists all the truly terrible things these women did over eight seasons.

Your email confirms you are lining up beside the populists and fascists

Anjum Rahman received an email urging her to join the fight against the UN Global Compact on Migration. This was her response

The 10 most shocking moments in the blistering new book ‘Whale Oil’

A new book details the long-running fight between Matt Blomfield and Cameron Slater.

The Real Pod: The spooks are listening

The Real Pod assembles to dissect the week in New Zealand pop culture and real life, with special thanks to Nando’s.

Stop butchering te reo Māori pronunciation – our kids are listening

Children are sponges, they say. So why, asks Emily Holdaway, won't radio give some thought to the kids who are adopting the incorrect pronunciation they hear on a daily basis?

Pod on the Couch: Talkin’ Silver Scrolls finalists

Henry Oliver talks to Leonie Hayden and Kate Robertson about the Silver Scrolls finalists.

Pod on the Couch: The music that millions are listening to while killing zombies

The Spinoff and Spark proudly present Pod On The Couch, a weekly podcast exploring music and the people that make it. This episode: Jordan Reyne joins host Henry Oliver to talk about singing on horror video game

On the Rag: Listen to our first live show for International Women’s Day!

In the latest episode of On the Rag, Alex Casey, Leonie Hayden and Michele A'Court assemble in front of a live audience for this International Women's Day special.

Christmas edition On the Rag: Who made the naughty and nice list for 2016?

For the final Christmas episode of On the Rag, the gang look at the highs and lows for women from 2016.

Blacklisted in coup coup land: why one journalist won’t be accompanying the PM to Fiji

When John Key flies out to Fiji today, one journalist who won't be joining the delegation is old Pacific hand Michael Field, who is banned from entering the country. He explains how he got added to Bainimarama's blacklist.

Books: Why One of the Other Novels Shortlisted for the Man Booker Should Have Won

Eleanor Catton was right: Man Booker short-listed novel The Fishermen really is "awesome".

Books: “I’m Feeling Sanguine” – Anna Smaill Awaits Tonight’s Booker Shortlist Announcement

Steve Braunias talks to Wellington writer Anna Smaill on the eve of the announcement of the shortlist for the 2015 Man Booker Award. Her debut novel The Chimes has been longlisted.

What’s new on Netflix NZ and every other streaming service in October

What are you going to be watching in October? The Spinoff rounds up everything that’s coming to streaming services this month, including Netflix, Lightbox, Neon, Amazon Prime and TVNZ on Demand.

When brands take a stand

Do they believe in it, or believe it will make them a profit?

Facebook is running an uncontrolled news experiment on a whole country. Let’s hope it doesn’t work out

The Australian legislation is crumby, but the response from Zuckerberg is something else.

What’s the deal with the My Food Bag IPO?

New Zealanders have a chance to own a slice of the popular meal-kit company. What's the catch?

Those with less getting left behind, new Sallies report shows

The annual Salvation Army state of the nation report shows that for many people already doing it tough, life got much harder in 2020.

The Prebble adventure: Reading I’ve Been Thinking, a quarter century on

The great promise of neoliberalism: free markets solving problems centrally planned governments could not, bringing better economic results. The great failure of neoliberalism: it didn’t work.

The risky PR play of Eric Watson and Chris Liddell

People with high profiles and big problems have long tried to woo the media. Often it doesn't go quite as planned – for either party.

Thanks for the letter, Winz. Just one thing. I’m not in fact dead

A letter offering condolences to David Townsend's wife greatly exaggerated his death. It was amusing, but also concerning.

The teen dancer taking over Auckland’s streets – and going viral on TikTok

He’s been popping up all over central and south Auckland, and his moves have found him local TikTok fame. So who is this mysterious dancer?