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The Friday Poem: when i grow up, i want to be nothing at all by Rhys Feeney

A new poem from poet and teacher Rhys Feeney. 

The Friday Poem: Separation anxiety by Anahera Gildea

A new poem by Wellington poet Anahera Gildea.

The Friday Poem: Shark and Leg by James McNaughton

A new poem from novelist and poet James McNaughton.

The Friday Poem: Elegy for God’s Own Country by Emer Lyons

A new poem from Dunedin poet Emer Lyons.

The Friday Poem: If Only by Emma Barnes

A new poem by Wellington poet Emma Barnes.

The Friday Poem: Hook & Cook by essa may ranapiri

A poem from essa may ranapiri's chapbook Polemic.

The Friday Poem: passport to the seasons by E Wen Wong

A new poem from Christchurch poet and environmental activist E Wen Wong.

The Friday Poem: At The Boatshed by Rhian Gallagher

A poem by Rhian Gallagher from her new collection Far-Flung.

The Friday Poem: Go North by Gus Goldsack

The publishing debut of New York-based New Zealand poet Gus Goldsack.

Breaking verse: There is a new editor of the Friday Poem

A chat with departing Friday Poem editor Ashleigh Young and incoming Friday Poem editor Chris Tse.

The Friday Poem: Mermaids by Jordan Hamel

A new poem by Jordan Hamel.

The Friday Poem: Subject Permanence by Hadassah Grace

A new poem by Auckland-based writer and performer Hadassah Grace.

The Friday Poem: I am a tree by Jackson Nieuwland

New work by Wellington poet Jackson Nieuwland.

The Friday Poem: Dig deep! by Joanna Cho

A new poem by Wellington writer Joanna Cho.

The Friday Poem: Matapouri by Hayden Hyams

A new poem by Auckland poet Hayden Hyams.

The Friday Poem: A poem from ‘Reproaches’ by Steven Toussaint

A new poem by Ockham finalist Steven Toussaint.

The Friday Poem: How to die by Helen Rickerby

A poem by Ockham finalist Helen Rickerby.

The Friday Poem: Flocks by Rebecca Nash

A new poem by Lyttelton poet Rebecca Nash.

The Friday Poem: At the Fair by Tim Upperton

A new poem by Palmerston North poet Tim Upperton.   At the Fair   All these people had come to an outdoor fair. They were walking from one stall to another, inspecting the goods for sale, …

The Friday Poem: Once by Vincent O’Sullivan

A new poem by Vincent O'Sullivan.

The Friday Poem: washed up! by Ash Davida Jane

A new poem by Wellington poet and bookseller Ash Davida Jane.