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The Friday Poem: Finance by Jenny Bornholdt

A poem by Wellington poet Jenny Bornholdt.

The Friday Poem: There is no easy way by Kate Camp

A poem by Wellington writer Kate Camp.

The Friday Poem: Party Legend by Sam Duckor-Jones

A new poem by Wellington poet Sam Duckor-Jones.

The Friday Poem: i woke up and the day caught me by Kara Jackson

A poem by US National Youth Poet Laureate Kara Jackson.

The Friday Poem: The Fight by Joy Harjo

A poem by US Poet Laureate Joy Harjo.

The Friday Poem: Insulation by James Brown

A new poem by Island Bay poet James Brown.

The Friday Poem: Riding home from work by Marcel Currin

A new poem by Tauranga poet Marcel Currin.

The Friday Poem: Howl by Katrina Upperton

A new poem by Palmerston North poet Katrina Upperton.

The Friday Poem: Kae and the Tohorā by essa may ranapiri

A new poem by Kirikiriroa poet essa may ranapiri.

The Friday Poem: Anecdotal happiness by Laura Vincent

A new poem by Wellington writer Laura Vincent.

The Friday Poem: Swingball by Airini Beautrais

A new poem by Whanganui poet Airini Beautrais.

The Friday Poem: Forgive me my love by Behrouz Boochani

A poem by writer, journalist, and former Manus Island refugee Behrouz Boochani.

The Friday Poem: Six Feet For a Single, Eight Feet For a Double by Ruby Solly

A new poem by Kai Tahu writer and musician Ruby Solly.

The Friday Poem: TURDUCKEN by Freya Daly Sadgrove

A new poem by writer and performer Freya Daly Sadgrove.

The Friday Poem: ‘Duck Three Ways’ by Jenny Bornholdt

A new poem by Wellington poet Jenny Bornholdt.

The Friday Poem: ‘Elegy with Cannons and Bees’ by Chloe Honum

A new poem by Auckland-raised poet Chloe Honum.

The Friday Poem: ‘modernity to globalisation’ by Lily Holloway

A new poem by Auckland poet Lily Holloway.

The Friday Poem: ‘Mourning headlines’ by Emma Neale

A new poem by Dunedin poet Emma Neale.

The Friday Poem: ‘It’s That Big’ by Rachel Sawaya

A poem by New Zealand-born writer Rachel Sawaya.

The Friday Poem: Pacing by Rata Gordon

A new poem by Waiheke poet Rata Gordon.

The Friday Poem: Turning, hurtling by Morgan Bach

A new poem by London-based poet Morgan Bach.

The Friday Poem: Love Poem after Seven Years by Carrie Rudzinski

A new poem by performance poet Carrie Rudzinski.

The Friday Poem: Art by Susanna Gendall

A prose poem by Wellington writer Susanna Gendall.